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Illustration style refers to the artistic approach used by an illustrator to create images that communicate visually. Illustrations are a powerful tool used in various fields like advertising, publishing, and branding to convey a message or story to a target audience. The style of an illustration can vary based on the intended message, project, and audience.

There are various illustration styles, including realistic, abstract, cartoon, and minimalist. Realistic illustrations are detailed and closely resemble the real world, often requiring technical skills and precision. Abstract illustrations use simplified shapes, colors, and patterns to convey the intended message. This style often represents complex concepts and ideas in a simplified form. Cartoon illustrations use exaggerated features and bright colors to create playful and humorous imagery. Finally, minimalist illustrations use limited colors and simple lines to convey the message in an uncluttered and straightforward way. Illustration styles are essential in communication and can determine the success of a project and how the audience receives the message

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