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Our team is pleased to offer an exceptional service in which you can schedule online appointments with our Project Manager. This incredible tool is accessible free of charge to our valued active clients whose satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. As a new client, we kindly ask that you demonstrate your commitment to our services by placing an order before scheduling an online appointment.

Please note that in some cases, additional fees may apply to new projects that have not yet been started or ordered. This occurs when the client needs advice to prepare the best proposal for their project, etc. However, we assure you that our fees are more than reasonable.

Additionally, we offer different ways to reach us, including filling out our online appointment form or contacting us directly via email [] or phone +250 787 779 742.

Our online appointments are convenient and available on your schedule, and we guarantee that all meetings will be an efficient 20 minutes long. Thank you for considering our online appointment service for your project management needs.

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